Requests for Financial Assistance

Please note that all requests for financial assistance should be addressed to the Abbot President of your Congregation and not directly to Sant’Anselmo. The Synod of Abbot Presidents agreed that the Abbot President of a congregation is best able to assess individual needs.

Please note that accommodations are not covered by the Congress Fee.

Congressus Fees* Cost
Congress per Abbot/Prior/Administrator €700
Orientation Days per Abbot/Prior/Administrator €80

* Congress Fees include Congress stationery, translation services, etc.; all meals; pilgrimages; and transport to and from the papal audience.

Accommodation Fees* Cost
per night at Sant’Anselmo €50

* Accommodation Fees are in addition to the Congress Fee.

Fees for Extra Days Cost
per night at Sant’Anselmo, with breakfast €50
lunch at Sant’Anselmo €15
dinner at Sant’Anselmo €10


Payment should be made IN ADVANCE of the Congress by cheque, bank transfer or credit card online in order to avoid waiting in long lines at Sant’Anselmo.

During the Congress, payment should be made in cash or credit cards. Acceptable credit cards are Visa and MasterCard only. American Express cannot be accepted.

Credit Card

Sant’Anselmo has made arrangements with the Italian bank Intesa SanPaolo to accept credit card payments. When you click the link below, you will be taken to a form on our web site in either Italian or English. This is a general information form for our records.

Payment Description : It is very important that you specify “CONGRESSUS REGISTRATION” and / or “ACCOMMODATIONS” and the complete “NAME” of the Abbot/Prior who will participate in the Congress in the payment description field.

After you click “Pay”, you will be taken to the Intesa SanPaolo payment site, where you will enter your credit card information securely.

Bank Transfer

Please specify “CONGRESS REGISTRATION” and / or “ACCOMMODATIONS” as the reason for the payment and give your name, surname and the name of your monastery. If you would like to print this information, here is a link to the Google Doc for your convenience.

Bank Transfer Information

Bank name : Banca Intesa San Paolo

Bank address :
Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10
I – 20121 Milano (MI)

Bank data from European Union :
IBAN: IT 08 M 03069 09606 100000060425

Bank data from other countries :
ABI: 03069
CAB: 09606
Account number: 100000060425

Account name : Badia Primaziale Sant’Anselmo

Account address :
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, 5
I – 00153 Roma

Reason: Specify “CONGRESS REGISTRATION” and / or “ACCOMMODATIONS” as the reason for the payment, and include your name, surname and name of your monastery.


made out to Badia Primaziale Sant’Anselmo, and sent to:

Il Tesoriere
Badia Primaziale Sant’Anselmo
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, 5
I – 00153 Roma