Credit Card Instructions

Amount : Insert whole numbers only, such as 1100. Do not use commas 1.100,00 or periods 1,000.00 .

Payment Description : Please specify “Registration” and / or “Accommodations” and the complete “Religious Name” of the Abbot/Prior who will participate in the Congress.

First and Last Name on the credit card : Please be certain that you do not enter your religious name here. The name here must match the name on the credit card.

Sant’Anselmo has made arrangements with the Italian bank Intesa SanPaolo to accept credit card payments. After you click “Pay Now”, you will be taken to the Intesa SanPaolo payment site, where you will enter your credit card information securely.

Important : When you click “Paga” on the Intesa SanPaolo payment form, you will be asked to provide a “One Time Password”. This is a security number provided by your credit card company and sent to your mobile phone. Please have your mobile phone ready.