Dear Major Superior,

We invite you to attend the Abbots’ Congress 2024 in Sant’Anselmo/Rome. The gathering of the major superiors of our Confederation will take place from 9-20 September 2024. Please register now! The canonical convocation letter from Abbot Primate Gregory, along with further information, will be sent in the coming weeks.

The registration must be completed online. To do so, please click the “Register Online” link at the bottom of this letter.

If you are unable to attend, please complete the form anyway, and explain why you are not able to come. This is expected and noted in the Lex Propria of the confederation. This also will help us in our planning.


Accommodations: Please note that due to Covid delays, many religious congregations will gather in Rome in September 2024, creating a housing challenge. On the registration form, we have given you a choice to reside at Sant’Anselmo or in another religious house, or to make private arrangements. If you choose a religious house, you will submit three ranked choices. We will assign them based on availability, first-come, first-served. Should you choose to make private arrangements, we also have information regarding hotels on the Aventine Hill.

Orientation days for new superiors: Orientation will take place from 6-8 September. It is organized for new abbots and conventual priors, but any superior who wishes can take part.

Pilgrimage day: We have included a list of options on the registration form.

Workshops: We will offer several workshops. The registration form will request workshop and moderator suggestions from you.

Financial assistance: Requests for financial assistance must be addressed to the Abbot President of your Congregation, and not directly to Sant’Anselmo. The Synod of Abbots President established that the Abbot President of a Congregation is better able to evaluate individual needs.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Fraternal greetings from Sant’Anselmo,
Prior Mauritius Wilde, OSB
Coordinator – Congressus OSB 2024


Please remember that the program may change. If you wish, you may download the Program schedule as a pdf.