Our Life

The Collegio Sant'Anselmo is located on the beautiful Aventine Hill. Away from the noise of the city, it offers a peaceful environment to study. Here live Benedictine students who come from all over the world to study at Sant'Anselmo or in the city of Rome. We are 90 residents from all continents and from more than 30 countries. We also live with diocesan priests who appreciate the monastic environment for their liturgical studies.

The program of the day includes time to pray, study and relax. We chant the Opus Dei in Latin and Italian. At supper, we eat together while listening to the table reading in Italian. At lunch, however, we have "colloquium". As a community of students and professors, we help each other and learn from each other. For leisure, there is a soccer field, volleyball court and swimming pool. As an international college, we also grow thanks to the richness of different cultures. We regularly celebrate Mass in a different language and then spend the evening in social-language groups. Each resident is a member of a deanery, who helps him during his studies.

Hours / Holy Mass


06.00 Alarm
06.20 Lauds and Eucharist
07.00 Breakfast
12.50 Midday prayer
13.00 Lunch
19.15 Vespers
19.40 Dinner
20.30 Compline


06.30 Alarm
06.50 Lauds
07.15 Breakfast
09.00 Conventual Mass
12.50 Midday prayer
13.00 Lunch
19.15 Solemn Vespers
19.40 Dinner
20.30 Compline

The Church

The Collegio church, the basilica of Sant'Anselmo, was built between 1892 and 1900 on a project by Francesco Vespignani and Abbot Hildebrande de Hemptinne in pure neo-Romanesque style. The three naves are divided by granite columns with Ionic capitals, while the columns supporting the triumphal arch above the altar end with the Corinthian capitals.

The mosaic in the apse represents the jeweled cross between angels and Saints Benedict and Anselm, the work of the German monk Radbodus Commandeur.

Together with the Abbey and the Pontifical University, our church, named after the Benedictine monk and doctor of the Sant'Anselmo Church, is a center of liturgical spirituality and Gregorian chant. Since 1962 it has been the starting point of the penitential procession presided over by the Pope on Ash Wednesday. In 1985 Pope Saint John Paul II established our church as a cardinalate deaconry, now entrusted to Card. Lorenzo Baldisseri.

In our church we can celebrate weddings, anniversaries and Masses in suffrage. For more information:

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