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  • Father Elijah Owens, OSB, was elected by the monastic chapter on Thursday, 7 June 2022, as the eighth abbot of Subiaco Abbey. Abbot Elijah lived at Collegio Sant’Anselmo from 2014-2021 while he was studying at the Monastic Institute in the Faculty of Theology.

  • Fr. Benoit Alloggia OSB, guestmaster and nurse of our Abbey, went on a 2.500 km trip together with his friends. Here are some impressions of their visit to Ukraine. Story and photos here.

  • The Pontifical Athenaeum Sant'Anselmo celebrated the solemn conferral of the Doctorate Honoris Causa in Theology to Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO. Story and photos here.

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Every year, Sant’Anselmo is blessed to receive men from around the world as volunteers. This year we welcomed two from Saint John’s Benedictine Volunteer Corps, both of whom, Jake and Tyler, have started a Volunteer Blog. The purpose of the quasi-weekly blog is not only to inform subsequent volunteers, but to give our readers a view of our life here. We think you will find it illuminating and enjoyable.

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Collegio rapid contact list

Prior / Rector Fr. Mauritius Wilde OSB priore@anselmianum.com
Viceprior Fr. Fernando Rivas OSB vicepriore@anselmianum.com
Treasurer Fr. Geraldo Gonzalez y Lima OSB tesoriere@anselmianum.com
Administrative Manager Fabio Corcione amministrazione@anselmianum.com
Foresterario / Guestmaster Fr. Benoit Alloggia OSB guestmaster@anselmianum.com

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