Saint Benedict Archabbey

Territorial Abbey of Montecassino, Italy



Foundation : Saint Benedict, 529
I destruction : 577
II destruction : 883
III destruction : 1349
IV destruction : 1944
Pope Paul VI reconsecrates the Basilica and proclaims St. Benedict “Europe’s main patron” : 1964


Congregation : Sublacense Cassinese
Archabbot : Fr. Donato Ogliari
Number of monks : 10


Pastoral service; museum and cultural activities; guesthouse; library; archive; gift shop; San Benedetto Foundation (Saint Benedict School-Institute, House of Charity, Terra Sancti Benedicti Historical Parade)

Resident of the Collegio

Alessandro Trespioli OSB

Monastic Studies
Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo

Montecassino Abbey and

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Photos used with the permission of Don Donato Ogliari OSB