Diocese of Incheon
South Korea



Foundation : 1 September 1958 (forane vicariate), 10 March 1962 (diocese erected)


Patroness : Santa Maria Stella Maris
Bishop : John Baptist Shinchul Jung
Area : 1,099 Km2
Number of inhabitants : 4,433,292
Catholics : 517,105 (11.7%)
Parishes : 129
Priests dioc. : 354
Priests reg. : 11
Sisters : 628

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Resident of the College

Francesco Choi

Pontifical Institute of Liturgy
Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo

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2021년, 인천교구 사제서품식

From the YouTube channel cpbc TV_가톨릭콘텐츠의 모든것

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Photos used with permission from Francesco Choi