Moving Forward: Living the Wisdom of the Rule

The Theme of the forthcoming Oblate Congress

The wisdom of The Rule of Saint Benedict reaches out to us from across the centuries. It sends a timeless message, calling us to deeper listening and greater community. The Rule lives. It breathes. Its words don’t change. The words change us.

As Oblates, we strive to live our Benedictine values of prayer and work, hospitality and humility within the context of daily life. We stand at the forefront of an exciting new chapter in the great Benedictine narrative – one that invites us to explore more intensely our role in the world and within our monasteries.

The Fifth International Oblate Congress in 2023, “Moving Forward: Living the Wisdom of The Rule,” continues the way forward we began at our 2017 congress. We will examine practical ways in which we can live out our Oblate calling in the 21st century. We will explore with our Oblate directors the formation needs of the future. And we will seek to discern how our calling in the world both supports and expands the mission of the monasteries we serve, as we continue to look to our monastic teachers for guidance and spiritual nourishment.

Let us run, then, into the light of this exciting new adventure. May we as Oblates walk fully awakened, linking arms, certain that each one of us has an important role to play in the rich, timeless, ever-unfolding, ever-new Benedictine story.


Please remember that the program may change. If you wish, you may download the Program schedule as a pdf.

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Simultaneous translation will be provided through a commercial app available on Android or Apple devices. You must supply your own device and headphones.

Workshops + Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are listed in a Google Doc. Click here to open it.


During the Congressus, documents from seminars, workshops, plenary sessions, reports, etc. will be catalogued and linked in various languages in one Google Folder. If you wish, you may download the Documents as a pdf.