The board members of ARCER

From left: Don Olivier De Rubercy, Collegio Pontificio Francese; Mons. Dirk Smet; Pontificio Collegio Belgo; Don Marko Durin, Collegio Croato; Don Stephen Wang, Venerable English College; Don Armando Nugnes, vice-president of Collegio Urbano; Fr. Mauritius Wilde; José Otacio Oliveira Guedes, Pontificio Collegio Pio-Brasiliano; Don Gregory Gaston, Pontificio Collegio Filippino; Don Adam Sycz, Pontificio Collegio Polacco; Don Javier Canosa, Collegio Internazionale Sedes Sapientiae

24 November 2023

Fr. Mauritius Wilde re-elected president of ARCER

Father Mauritius Wilde OSB, Prior of Collegio Sant’Anselmo, was re-elected president during the general assembly of the Association of Rectors of Ecclesiastical Colleges and Seminaries in Rome on 23 November 2023. There are about 130 colleges in Rome.

New board members also were elected during the ARCER meeting at the Pontificio Collegio Regina Apostolorum.

Altre Notizie

  • The participants of the Monastic Formators’ Program have spent several weeks at Sant’Anselmo and have proven themselves to be delightful guests. The directors of the program, Fr. Brendan Thomas OSB and Fr. Javier Aparicio OSB, have written a story explaining the program and its value to Benedictine and Cistercian communities.

  • On 3 April, the Most Reverend Abbot Notker Wolf OSB, former Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation, died suddenly. Here is the text of the sermon delivered by Prior Mauritius Wilde during the Sant’Anselmo Memorial Mass and links to the obituary, videos, photos and sermons.

  • Fr. Anselm Grün OSB, author and famous alumnus of Sant’Anselmo, was honored by Pope Francis. Story and photos here.