Prince of Peace Tigoni Abbey
Limuru Town, Kenya



Motherhouse is Peramiho, in Tanzania
Simple priory in Nairobi : 1979
Conventual priory : 1988
Moved to Tigoni : 1992
Raised to abbey : 21 September 2020


Congregation : Saint Ottilien
Abbot : John Baptist Oese Imai, 8 November 2020
Number of monks : 47
Foundation : 1, Saint Benedict of the Copts, El Cairo


Parishes, slum, school, guesthouse, tea production

Residents of the Collegio

After 42 years from the foundation of the first abbey in Kenya,
BEST WISHES to our confreres.

Wenceslaus Omamo
Basil Barasa

Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo
Faculty of Theology

Vespers I

From the YouTube channel Prince of Peace Benedictine Abbey – Togoni

Photos used with the permission of Wenceslaus Omamo