Abbey of San Benito de Luján
Buenos Aires, Argentina



Motherhouse : Santo Domingo de Silos, Spain
Founded : 1916 in Buenos Aires
Conventual priory : 28 March 1938
Abbey : 28 October 1950
Transfer to Luján : 12 April 1987


Congregation : Cono-Sur
Abbot : Jorge Morán
Number of monks : 17


hospitality, guesthouse, jams, sweets, restoration of images, gift shop

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Resident of the Collegio

Fernando Rivas

Dean, Facoltà di Teologia
Coordinator, Istituto Monastico
Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo

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Abad V en La Abadia Benedictina De San Benito

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Photos used with permission of the Abbey of San Benito de Luján