New ARCER counselors

Vice-President Fr. Lisandro Rivas Durán, President Fr. Mauritius Wilde and Secretary Fr. Armando Nugnes


Fr. Mauritius and his predecessor Fr. Adam Sycz of the Pontifical Polish College

6 December 2021

Father Mauritius Wilde OSB, rector of Sant’Anselmo College, was elected president of the Association of Rectors of Ecclesiastical Colleges of Rome (ARCER), during the general assembly of 24 November 2021. Together with him, ten counselors were elected, including Vice-President Fr. Lisandro Rivas Durán, IMC, of the Pontifical College of San Paolo, and Secretary Fr. Armando Nugnes, of the Pontifical Urbanian College.

The ARCER is the association of rectors of seminaries, colleges, boarding schools and other male ecclesiastical institutes, both diocesan and religious, whose students attend the universities, faculties and universities of Rome. The aims of the association are to stimulate dialogue between the rectors on the life of their institutes; to act as spokesperson for the common requests of the rectors to the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia (in particular the Congregation for the Clergy), the Vicariate of Rome, ecclesiastical universities and other bodies that have a bearing on the life of the seminaries, colleges and ecclesiastical boarding schools of Rome; and possibly acting as spokesperson for the aforementioned bodies to the rectors.

The ARCER was established on 23 May 1989 after an assembly held in the Mexican Pontifical College, with the approval of the statute by the Congregation for Catholic Education.

Our best wishes go to Fr. Mauritius Wilde, rector of the Sant’Anselmo College and prior of the Badia Primaziale Sant’Anselmo.

Altre Notizie

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  • Collegio Sant’Anselmo was proud to host the Leadership and The Rule summer course again, in a successful venture that included 21 Benedictine, Cistercian, and Trappist monks and nuns

  • The schola of Benedictine monks of Sant'Anselmo and the Byzantine choir "Psalterion" from Greece performed hymns of the Resurrection of the Lord and of the Divine Liturgy. Story, photos and video here.