Mosteiro São Bento da Bahia
Salvador, Brazil



Foundation : 1582
Abbey : 1584 (First in the Americas and outside Europe)
Archcenobium : 1596
Precursor of the end of slavery : 1867
Minor Basilica : 1982
Archabbey : 1998


Congregation : Brazilian
Archabbot : Fr. Emanuel d’Able do Amaral
Monks : 30
Dependent houses : 2


Conservation and restoration laboratory, school, small shop, tourist visits, chaplaincies, social work, spiritual retreats, high school, library (very rare works), cultural acts, museum, national artistic heritage

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Resident of the College

Filipe de Souza

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A vida no Claustro (Média Metragem)

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Photos used by permission of Filipe de Souza