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20 October 2022

On 14 October, Dr. Ziza Fernandes, singer, composer, professor and musical therapist with a Master in Psychology and Logotherapy, talked with Fr. Ruberval Monteiro, Sant’Anselmo artist and resident professor of Contemporary Sacred Art, in the third part of her series “Conversation between Artists : The Silence, Truth and Beauty”.

Dr. Fernandes is currently a student of the Pontifical College of Sant’Anselmo‘s Art for Christian Worship, a two-year upper-division course curated by Fr. Ruberval.

Fr. Ruberval is a monk of the Abbey of the Resurrection, Ponta Grossa, Paranà, Brazil, and a very talented artist. In his capacity as professor, he is a member of both the Faculty of Theology and the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy.

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