The Buddhist monks and friends

Da sinistra : il Signor Puthesen San, Panuwat Lerdprasertpun, Abate Primate Gregory Polan, Priore Mauritius Wilde, il Reverendo Padre Markus Solo e Chaiyapat Boonpan

16 November 2022

On the evening of 15 November, the community of Collegio Sant’Anselmo was treated to a presentation by our visiting Buddhists monks, Chaiyapat Boonpan and Panuwat Lerdprasertpun, of the Mungkomkamalavas Temple, a Mahayana Buddhist Monastery in Thailand.

Joining the two monks were the Reverend Father Markus Solo, of the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue, and another resident, Mr. Puthesen San, a lay Buddhist from Cambodia, who is studying at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

The monks explained that they were at Sant’Anselmo this semester to learn about Catholic forms of monasticism, to further the efforts of interreligious dialogue. To that end, the group shared aspects of their work, beliefs and lives in a way that enlightened the Collegio community directly and personally.

The Collegio extends our warm welcome to our Buddhist brothers and thanks them for the opportunity to learn more about differing cultures’ expressions of monasticism.

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