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Private lodging

Here is a Google map of hotels near Sant’Anselmo : NB : You are advised to make your reservations early as Rome is very popular with tourists in September. Here are some hotels that you may like to choose. They are not far from Sant’Anselmo. You must complete your own booking via direct email or telephone as soon as you can and indicate that it is for the Congress of Abbots to receive the reduced price. You will have to make your own payment, most probably on-line with a credit card. All rooms have private bathrooms unless indicated otherwise.

Lodging at Sant’Anselmo

The price for Sant’Anselmo is €50. The Accommodation Fees are in addition to the Congress Fee. Unfortunately, we don’t have room for everybody. Only a few have private bathrooms. Abbot Presidents and superiors of residents have priority. Otherwise, first come, first served. You may pay in person, but for your convenience Sant’Anselmo has provided options to pay in advance. NB : Reservation deadline for lodging at Sant’Anselmo is 1 May. Please click this link for more information:

Lodging in Religious Houses

Here is a Google map of religious houses near Sant’Anselmo : Indicate the religious house in which you would like to stay. Sant’Anselmo’s Guestmaster will reserve your room and contact you for confirmation. You will arrange payment directly with the religious house upon your arrival.  NB : Reservation deadlines for all religious houses is 1 May. Below is a list of the available religious houses.